Social Media Workshop


Times & Dates available on request

Social Media Workshop

What is the social media workshop?

In this one on one workshop learn how to take the best from a social media inspired makeup. Followed with how to get eye catching photos of your work and what to do with them! 

- Breaking down a social media look and how to make it more appropriate for real life
- How to use lighting in your favour
- Learn the angles for taking the best photos of your work
- How to present your images and what will catch the most attention
- Editing your photos. How to and what not to do 

Social media is essentially an online version of your portfolio! Create a look of your choice and then learn the tricks to amplify your photos and social media exposure.

Once completed you will have the chance to take those all important makeup shots to showcase your work on social media! 

* You will need to bring your kit ,brushes and have a model organised.

Workshop Info

Workshops are help in Newmarket, Times & dates by request

Time 3 hours
Price $250